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Follow The Easy-To-Use Interview Style Questions To See How Much You Can Save By Paying Less For Something.

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Step 1: Choose Frequency
One Time Only
Monthly (Recurring)
Monthly (Installments Required)  Enter Number

Step 2: Enter Dollar Amounts
More Expensive Choice:  

Less Expensive Choice:   

Dollar Difference:           
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Step 3: Choose Investment Type & Average Yearly Return*
Passbook Savings 2.0%
Money Market 2.8%
CD 3.2%
Bonds 5.5%
Stocks 10%

Step 4: Length of Investment
Your Current Age:          

Age To Stop Processing: 

Years To Process:          
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Future Value of Your Money $

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* Please understand average yearly return is constantly changing and the percentages listed above are taken over a great number of years, not just the current year. The percentages used here in no way imply that rates are guaranteed. All calculations use the Effective Annual Rate of the percentage

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