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Your Personal Building Block To Wealth

The Calc-U-Later takes two prices for the same item, and tells you the future value of the difference.


Read Each Example Below

To Determine How You Want To Use

The Simple, Easy-To-Use

Wealth Blocks Calc-U-LATER


Example 1: How To Save Money on a One Time Purchase - Plasma & LCD TVs, PCs and Notebooks, Golf Clubs


Example 2: How To Save Money on a Daily Occurrence - Parking, Commuting, Coffee, Snacks


Example 3: How To Save Money on a Monthly Occurrence - Cable/Satellite Service, Cell Phone Service, Internet Connection


Example 4: How To Save Money on a Yearly Occurrence - Home Insurance, Renters Insurance


Example 5: How To Save Money on a Monthly Installment - Car Payment, Mortgage, Personal Loan, Large Furniture Purchase


 These examples are reduced to answering simple interview questions with our easy-to-use financial calculator.


Remember, if you are always saying "I want to start saving for my future, but I just don't know where to start", this tool is for you. It shows you the future value of your money no matter how big or small your contributions are.

Start Saving Today


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